March 7, 2011


Well time sure goes fast when having fun...
I will try to post an update & some current photos soon :)

December 9, 2009

Winter's here!!!

Well we finally got our first big snowfall of the season. We went from having barely any snow on the ground to over 6" in one night. Not unusual for around here, but it's a bit later then normal.
Here are some photos of Ark from today. He really enjoyed his first taste of winter!

October 6, 2009

Future Litters

There have been quite a few inquires on our next expected litter. We do not have another breeding planned until sometime in the spring of 2010. More information on this breeding will be posted as it is available.

September 19, 2009

Gone but not forgotten......

Here are photos of a few of the puppies enjoying their new homes & families.
Rocco(Ammo) enjoying his new digs :)

Alana spending quality time with her big brother Maximus

Jesse(Artillary) hanging out with his new friend

September 10, 2009

House Party!!

We've been having rather hot & humid weather this week. So we've been hiding in the house (with the A/C on) during the hottest parts of the day :) The pups have been enjoying the change too........
This link will take you to some new photos from the past week:

ANARCHY: checking out what I'm doing

and what made that noise?????

ALYONA: enjoying the relaxation........

ARKANE: watching the ceiling fan......
and watching me :)

August 29, 2009

Tracking Session

Here are a few photos from our recent tracking session. The tracks are single tracks varing in length of 8-15' and have been aged 5-7 minutes each. Each pup had it's own two tracks to work.

Alyona working her first track of the day.

The start of her second track, it was about 12' long.

Alyona, climbing around on our "puppy obstacle course" & looking for her treat :)

Arkane on his first track of the day.

Arkane starting his second track. It ran through a variety of ground cover(grass, dirt, pine needles).
Arakane, coming to "get me" & find his treat.

Anarchy, paitently waiting to start.
Anarchy working his first track.

Anarchy on his second track. It's just about dusk now & was getting hard for me to see where I had laid the track. It didn't bother him at all though :)

August 18, 2009

Available puppies

Below are a few pics of the three pups I have available. They are progressing very nicely in their training. These pups are available to work or sport homes only. I have also posted more updated photos under the "puppy photos" link.
Please email for our puppy questionnaire if interested in one of these pups or with any additional questions,
You may find the sale terms & conditions in the 4/12 posting, listed under archives on the sidebar.

2 solid black males. Both are suitable for SchH, Ring sport, or LE work. They have very high ball/tug drives. Both pups have HARD, solid bites on the puppy tugs. They have also started their tracking work & are doing well.

1 sable female. She is an excellent SAR prospect. She would also be suitable for club level SchH. She has high play/food drives & loves to please her "person". She really enjoys her tracking training & is progressing very nicely.

July 30, 2009

New photos

FINALLY!! New puppy photos are here. Go to the "puppy photo" link for lots more pics.

July 28, 2009


I am hoping to get the new photos up sometime in the next day or so, sorry for the delay. Our older Lab has had some medical problems, so we've been busy taking care of that.

Alana, Artillary, & Atlas have all gone to their new homes. CONGRATULATIONS to the new families!! We wish you the best with your pups.

July 21, 2009

Tattoos & Car Rides

The puppies had their first major outing this past Friday. We took them on a four hour car ride so they could get their tattoos done. I am happy to report that all the pups took it in stride & no one was car sick.
We were then able to go visit Angie at Steinig Tal Kennels, where Chico is from. I am very pleased with the comments from Angie regarding the quality of the pups! I got to see Chico again, he is an awesome dog! I also got to meet one of his sons, who is very handsome.
All the puppies are now microchipped, tattooed, & UTD on vaccination & deworming. Their AKC registration is also completed.