August 29, 2009

Tracking Session

Here are a few photos from our recent tracking session. The tracks are single tracks varing in length of 8-15' and have been aged 5-7 minutes each. Each pup had it's own two tracks to work.

Alyona working her first track of the day.

The start of her second track, it was about 12' long.

Alyona, climbing around on our "puppy obstacle course" & looking for her treat :)

Arkane on his first track of the day.

Arkane starting his second track. It ran through a variety of ground cover(grass, dirt, pine needles).
Arakane, coming to "get me" & find his treat.

Anarchy, paitently waiting to start.
Anarchy working his first track.

Anarchy on his second track. It's just about dusk now & was getting hard for me to see where I had laid the track. It didn't bother him at all though :)