August 18, 2009

Available puppies

Below are a few pics of the three pups I have available. They are progressing very nicely in their training. These pups are available to work or sport homes only. I have also posted more updated photos under the "puppy photos" link.
Please email for our puppy questionnaire if interested in one of these pups or with any additional questions,
You may find the sale terms & conditions in the 4/12 posting, listed under archives on the sidebar.

2 solid black males. Both are suitable for SchH, Ring sport, or LE work. They have very high ball/tug drives. Both pups have HARD, solid bites on the puppy tugs. They have also started their tracking work & are doing well.

1 sable female. She is an excellent SAR prospect. She would also be suitable for club level SchH. She has high play/food drives & loves to please her "person". She really enjoys her tracking training & is progressing very nicely.